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Borage is a beautiful blue bee plant and a very useful herb to grow in the garden. The hairy leaves have a mild cucumber flavour and can be eaten in salads and soups, as a substitute for spinach and brewed to make a tea. The deep blue star-shaped flowers make additions to salads.

Average Package Content: 100 seeds

Annual, Height 30cm. Borage is a fantastic source of nectar for bees and other insects. It makes a good companion plant to have in the vegetable garden as the insects it attracts make good pollinators. It is also good as a green manure.

Borage is incredibly easy to grow, it does well in herb gardens or containers. It needs a sunny, sheltered site with well-drained soil full of organic matter, rake over the site and scatter seeds over the surface. Rake the soil back over the seeds and water well. Sow the seeds from early spring to mid summer about 25cm deep and thin to one plant per 60 cm. Borage can be grow all year round indoors.

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