August is a month of abundance, if your away on your holidays why not let your neighbors or friends look after your lovely organic vegetables for you so nothing is wasted.  There are lots of jobs to do and plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the benefits of all the hard work you put in earlier in the year

  • Remember to water pots, grow bags and hanging baskets
  • There are still lots of things to sow including carrots, cos lettuces and many more. The planting guide has lots more suggestions.
  • Don't forget to thin out carrots late in the day so you don't attract any carrot root fly.
  • Harvest courgettes regularly to get the most out of your plants
  • Keep your tomatoes healthy, water regularly, feed with a natural fertilizer and remove any yellow leaves
  • Make a nettle brew it's a great fertilizer and discourages pests like aphids.
  • Watch out for pests, prevention is often better than cure. Use crushed eggs shells around plants to deter slugs and use nets to cover brassicas.  For extra help try a few organic solutions like nematodes
  • Tackle weeds early to stop them getting established, hoe up in hot weather and hand pull when wet.
  • Keep vents open in the greenhouse in hot weather and use shade netting to prevent scorching.
  • Take cuttings of herbs for propagation and try drying any excess trimmings you have
  • Don't leave any empty space on your plot fill with an organic green manure,like crimson clover, they will add nutrients, stop them leaching out the soil and restrict weed growth.
  • Look after the wildlife in your garden, try butterfly feeding stations or houses for them to over winter in.
  • Prune plums and damsons as soon as they have been harvested.


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