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Vine House Farm

Just a little about why we get our bird seed from Vine House Farm

For many years the owners at Vine House Farm have been conducting research into farmland birds so that they can enhance the farm for the wildlife. It is a traditional arable farm passed down from one generation to the next situated in the Lincolnshire Fenlands. They grow a wide variety of crops including potatoes and sugar beet and have over 200 acres of organic crops.

Their interest in wildlife and wild birds in particular ensures they farm in a way that is sympathetic to the wildlife that we share the environment with. By buying food grown from vine house farm you are reducing the carbon footprint caused by tons of imported bird food. Vine house farm have implemented many conservation measure to help stop the decline in British wildlife. Here are a few of the things they do;

  • Dyke verges are only cut on alternative year to maintain habitats
  • The farm maintains 25km of field margins which harbour wildlife
  • 2 miles of hedges has been planted in 5 years to provide valuable habitats for nesting birds
  • Three spinneys have been planted to provide roosting areas
  • Ponds have been dug and filled with native plants to provide habitat for insects and birds
  • Around 20 acres of wildflower meadows have been planted
  • Vine House Farm support and work in partnership with the Wildlife trust because Vine House Farm is committed to conservation and reducing its impact on the environment.


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