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Companion planting

Companion planting is a a traditional method for organic gardeners to naturally improve crops. Companion plants attracts beneficial insects, deter pests or attract them away from your crops and can also provide nutrients and protection

Try these few hints and tips in your garden.

  • Plant marigolds in rows between your vegetables particularly tomatoes to encourage beneficial insects and deter aphids. They are also very attractive to slugs and can be used as a sacrifice to save your cabbages from damage.
  • Grow carrots in alternative rows with the onion family, like leeks. The smell of each vegetable deters pest from the other, saving your carrots from the dreaded carrot root fly.
  • Plant nasturtiums near your cabbages, they will attract caterpillars away from the cabbages and keep aphids away from beans. Grown entwined among cucumbers they repel cucumber beetles. Nasturtiums also provide wonderful colour in the garden and are edible.
  • Dill and chervil are great for your herb garden. Dill will attract aphid eating hoverflies and predatory wasps. Plant the dill next to cabbages for support. Chervil will keep aphids away from tomatoes and sunflowers.
  • Basil will keep whitefly away from tomatoes.
  • Keeping a patch of nettles will attract beneficial incests and keep cabbage white butterfies away from brassicas.
  • Plant alyssum with potatoes to attract beneficial insects


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